Remote Services



Have a simple problem or a question on how to do something in Windows? Don’t want to bring down your PC to the shop or have a technician come all the way to your house? Using a simple to install program allows us to connect to your computer and see your screen as if we were sitting in front of it. Typical applications for this service would be but not limited to: Installing/uninstalling a program, connecting to a pre-existing printer, email troubleshooting and/or installing, general answers about a program or Windows itself, setting up a backup either on the cloud or a external device (device would be needed before remote would be started)

Remote Sessions are $25.00/30 minutes

Appointments are made at least 24 hours out, give us a call @ 541-245-9144 or click the link below to see our current availability

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*NOTE* The web application does not allow us to block out same-day appointments. Currently we do not have the ability to do same-day work, if you need immediate assistance please call the office @ 541-245-9144. Thanks for your cooperation.


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