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CyberCenter is a local Family run Computer Organization.  The Speaks Family moved to Oregon in 1994.  The names of the companies have changed over the years to the current name, but all of the companies have had some type of computer based orientation.

The first company opened was strictly a computer wholesale company catering to stocking parts and building custom systems for all the local retail stores, programmers, value added resellers, school districts and government agencies.

In 2000, we were part of the Medford School District’s campaign “Two in 2000” to put two computers in every classroom.  This later expanded to virtually every school in two counties.

In 2003 the first computer gaming center was opened and in 2004 the first retail to the public store was opened.  In 2008 CyberCenter opened a Computer related full service sports restaurant putting XBOX 360’s in every booth and a large computer gaming center.

CyberCenter’s strong points have always been its custom built computers.  With its competitors using any parts available CyberCenter has always only used higher grade parts making its custom computers last longer.  Added with this CyberCenter markup of parts has always been less than the normal retail markup making its parts and custom computers more affordable.  Last but not least, CyberCenter technicians are under strict orders to maintain customer’s data integrity above all.  In stead of just formatting over data as an easy fix, CyberCenter techs go the extra mile to actually fix the problem.

CyberCenter has always opened it’s locations in warehouse locations. On September 1st 2010 we moved our operation to a more visible retail location in the Winco Shopping Center.

In April of 2012, Chris Speaks took over the sole ownership of CyberCenter changing the official name to CyberCenter Retail Center. Gary Speaks, Chris’ Father retired from the day to day operations.

On January 1st, 2013 CyberCenter moved to it’s current location on Crater Lake Highway. This will give the CyberCenter Retail Center a high visibility location.

We hope to continue selling parts and systems at affordable prices. We also hope to continue giving expert service from knowledgeable people.  One thing you can always count on is that you are dealing with a local company and not some corporate magnate.

Its all about a better box!

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